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We are a group of like-minded health professionals dedicated to help clients overcome their challenges. Our goal is to improve function as we know this returns confidence, connectivity, purpose, happiness, and ultimately independence.
We provide a variety of treatment services to improve the lives of our clients. These can be singular or multidisciplinary in nature. The strength of our treatment services is realized through our collaborative goal setting process with our clients. We also provide objective assessment services that assist stakeholders to understand the functional implications of impairments and the relative abilities and limitations of our clients.
Our company has a lengthy history providing balanced, objective opinions regarding a client’s function and care needs in the BC Supreme Court, at union arbitration hearings, and at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal. We provide services for both plaintiffs and insurers. Our group of expert clinicians have achieved advanced certifications in assessment processes and have a wealth of testimony experience.

Message From Our Director

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Done well, teamwork is less about work and more about positive trajectory. This is our focus within our company and we use this frame of reference to assist our clients. Disabling circumstances can be challenging and we feel our teamwork is the key to helping our clients shift trajectories towards positive functional outcomes.

Chief Executive Officer

We Care About You


Our therapeutic efforts and guidance focus on restoring functional independence. We feel health, happiness, security, freedom of ability, and meaningful purpose will improve when functional goals are achieved.


We delineate function objectively so that our clients and customers can make informed decisions. We believe the cornerstones of this practice are impartiality, validity and reliability of measures, and lengthy, comprehensive examination processes.


We believe we are better together. Connectivity amongst clinicians and partnership with our clients help us best identify problems, innovate, and achieve healthy outcomes. This is why we enjoy what we do.

Exceptional People.

Exceptional Service.

Function is our Focus